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Participate in Campaigns

The "X" on the treasure map
All Genie campaigns are shown on You can participate in campaigns that have a Live tag.
Every campaign will have its requirements, rewards, and period. You can understand them through the description and campaign details:
What are they about?
Earn up to
The maximum amount you can earn per wallet if you complete all the missions
Total rewards left
The total pool amount that's left to be claimed. If you have earned rewards, remember to claim them before the pool runs out. It runs on a first-come-first-serve basis!
Claim period
The duration for which you can claim the rewards; also known as the campaign period

Eligibility Breakdown

Eligibility Conditions show the required historical actions taken on a snapshot date or during a snapshot period. You have to fulfil all eligibility conditions before participating.
If you are eligible, you should see the label You are eligible to participate in this campaign because you fulfil all the following requirements
You won't receive any rewards if you complete the mission but are not eligible

Mission Breakdown

Every mission will have its reward rate, mission pool, and participation period. You can choose to participate in any of them.
What are they about?
Reward rate
Rewards you can earn from performing an on-chain action. There are 2 kinds of rewards: token and lootbox and 2 kinds of distribution types: fixed and variable. Some examples: 1 LUNA for any amount of LUNA delegated (token, fixed) 10 OSMO for every $100 swap transaction volume (token, variable) 5 lootboxes for 5 contract interactions (lootbox, fixed) 1 lootbox for every $100 average liquidity provided (lootbox, variable)
Mission rewards left
Every mission will have its individual budget pool. Once the pool is fully claimed, any earned but unclaimed rewards + any further action performed cannot be claimed from the pool. You can still participate in other missions whose pool has not been fully claimed.
Participation / Snapshot Period
There are 2 kinds of missions: future and retroactive. For future missions, you can complete the action within the start and end date of this participation period. For retroactive missions, what you can claim is based on the snapshot period. Hence, any further action will not affect how much you can earn.
The progress bar will showcase the point of completion by the user at the current time.
Rewards earned
Amount of rewards you have earned from completing the mission over the total amount of rewards you can earn.
Rewards claimed
This shows the amount of rewards you have claimed. It's definitely in your wallet

Quick Steps

  1. 1.
    Check the chain the campaign is on and connect the corresponding wallet (e.g. Terra's campaign will utilise the Station wallet)
  2. 2.
    Check your Eligibility to participate in the campaign. On a wallet basis, this determines if you can join the campaign
  3. 3.
    You can complete any mission to start earning rewards after checking your eligibility.
  4. 4.
    Once you have rewards to claim, the Claim button will be clickable. After you click it, you have to sign a claim transaction against the contract
    • Gas fee is payable for this transaction so make sure you have enough gas to claim the rewards
    • Rewards across all missions will be claimed in one transaction so you only have to pay for gas once
  5. 5.
    You will see a success message after claiming the rewards successfully. A transaction hash will be provided for you to check too. Happy claiming!


If you have more burning questions, drop us a DM on Telegram.
I completed the mission but my progress bar is not updating
Fear not cause all mission actions are trackable on-chain. You'll get the reward you deserve. Click on Refresh button to ensure that the progress last updated is accurate. If it's refreshed, check whether the mission is a time-weighted one e.g. average liquidity provided / average staked / average held. Time-weighted missions mean that the progress will update as time goes by so be patient young padawan.
How do I share the campaign with friends?
We have a Share button at the top right corner on the desktop and below the campaign title on mobile. By clicking on it, you are copying the link to the campaign to your clipboard.
Where can I find the Contract Address of the campaign?
We have a Contract button at the top right corner on the desktop and below the campaign title on mobile. By clicking on it, you will be directed to the explorer. You can view all transactions made.